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3. Victoria Beckham, Tatcha, & 11 More "Quiet Luxury" Beauty Brands

"The key to a minimal makeup routine has everything to do with skin prep — and the SolaWave is a high-tech tool (in a tiny, travel-friendly package) that has major celebrities completely obsessed. As for my experience? After two weeks of consistent nighttime use, my biggest skin concern, which just so happens to be my puffy under eyes, had largely been eradicated. Nearly a year later, it’s still a must-have in my self-love routine."

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4. Solawave's Celeb-Loved Skincare Wand Gave Me Red Carpet-Worthy Skin

"After two weeks of using the Solawave Wand & Serum, I was thoroughly impressed: The redness in my face and puffiness near my eyes had significantly decreased, I barely had any new blemishes, and my skin felt smoother. I also noticed an overall tightening and glow of my skin. 

 The Solawave Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy & Serum Kit has been a fabulous addition to my skincare routine. My skin feels smooth, and I noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin within a few days. It's like getting a spa treatment right in my own home."

5. As A Shopping Editor, Here Are My 35 Favorite Things I've Found in 2023 So Far

"This. gadget. is. worth it! 👏🏾 Using the Solawave was my first time introducing red light therapy into my skincare routine and the difference in my hyperpigmentation is honestly mind blowing. The tone of my face is much more even and the dark circles around my eyes have nearly disappeared. Essentially, it's like a mix of a jade roller (which I already love using anyway) and an LED mask in one...with microcurrent/vibration therapy, too. You can apply the specific Solawave activating serum or any conductive gel of your choice (I use a different one, myself!) and it will really absorb the benefits when used with the wand. I only use it once every other day (at night) and it's super relaxing. My skin is always ✨glowing✨ the next day!

Solawave is a LGBTQ-owned small biz based in Los Angeles."

6. 13 Best At-home Red-Light-Therapy Tools to Try (Tested and Reviewed for 2023)

"I'm an avid ice-roller and gua sha sh-er, so it's no major surprise that this portable massaging device has earned a spot in my daily routine, too. It’s a tiny, do-it-all tool that emits red light, which is thought to help reduce inflammation, making your face a bit less puffy, as well as smooth fine lines over time, while softly vibrating and sending gentle electrical currents into your facial muscles to give them a temporarily tighter appearance (like my fave microcurrent devices)."      

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