Red Light Therapy For ScarsRed Light Therapy For Scars

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Red Light Therapy For Scars

by Andres Jimenez | September 23, 2022
When NASA first used red light therapy to help plants grow in space, they probably weren't thinking that one day it would revolutionize skin treatments. This type of light therapy uses non-invasive techniques to stimulate the cells and improve the signs of scarring, wrinkles, and acne. You can use it at home in a wand or in a light panel for the whole body or go to a clinic for treatments that won't leave you swollen and in pain. When you see some red light therapy for scars before and after pictures, you will be convinced that there is something to this type of treatment.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy uses a beam of red light to shine on the skin and stimulate the mitochondria to produce more energy. This then gives the cells in your skin a boost to do their job in double time, which includes creating new cells and healing damaged cells. The red light therapy is used for maybe 10-15 minutes a day with effects being visible after 20-30 days. When you look at red light therapy acne scars before and after pictures, you will be amazed at the difference in how visible the scars are after 30 treatments compared to what they were at the beginning. Red light therapy is not a temporary fix, the effects are long-lasting.

How does red light therapy red reduce scars?

If you have acne scarring then you may be thinking it is a permanent fixture on your face and try to just cover it up with makeup. Or you try some invasive and painful treatments like microdermabrasion which takes a layer of skin off and leaves you with sensitive skin and a red, swollen complexion for a few days. It can be quite painful and costly to do this kind of treatment on a regular basis. When you try red light therapy for scars, you are paying less with no downtime. This treatment is non-invasive so you won't suffer any side effects and you will see a noticeable improvement in your scars.

Can I do red light therapy for scars at home?

Red light therapy for the face and body may not take a long time every day, but it is cumbersome if you have to go to a clinic every day to get it done. This can take you hours out of your day. Instead, items such as a red light therapy wand are available that you can use for a short time every day to help reduce the appearance of scars on the skin. You can see the difference between red light therapy scars before and after results from people who have used them for short periods every day.
Red light therapy for surgical scars before and after effects show a noticeable improvement in the reduction in the appearance of the scar after several treatments. The same can be said of red light therapy acne scars treatments.

Red light therapy for the whole body

There are also red light therapy scars devices that can shine on the entire body. They come in panels and you can stack them or put them on the floor and lie beside them like a tanning bed. This type of therapy can help the entire body feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and invigorated. You will also start to notice the skin on your body becoming more supple and younger-looking.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that after an intense workout, standing in front of the red light therapy panel for 10 minutes can help your body feel better faster, and lessens the recovery time. The same can be said about red light therapy's ability to reduce the harmful effects of the blue light emitted from our electronic devices. This blue light interferes with the body's ability to produce melatonin and then keeps us awake, disrupting our circadian rhythms and causing health problems. Red light therapy relaxes the mind and body and allows us to get back into our rhythms so we can get a rejuvenating and healthy sleep.
Scars from acne, surgery or a wound can be embarrassing and they can also cause pain and discomfort. Red light therapy can help alleviate that issue non-invasively, inexpensively, and without side effects. If you have some scars you want to get rid of because of how they make you feel, give red light therapy a try at home or at a clinic. After a few sessions, you will start to notice a difference in your scars and how you feel.

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